Thursday 9 April 2015


As a lot of you know I am on a pretty lengthy injury hiatus at the moment! So I thought since im not able to play the game right now I will release the fan boy within and write about it!

It’s a pretty fun time in the basketball world at the moment with the NZNBL in full swing, the NBA playoffs just a few games away, The NBA draft is soon and the build up for the Olympic qualifying series versus Australia is just around the corner as well. 

I am a pretty quiet person by nature but if theres one thing I can talk about a lot basketball is definitely it! What you see here will simply be thoughts and opinions from a professional players point of view.

Hopefully you will all find what I have to say interesting and a worthwhile read! Though I wouldn’t consider myself a wily veteran yet I have been around for a while and have experienced a lot both in my pro career and internationally playing for the Tall Blacks and think I have pretty good knowledge of the game and how it is played around the globe!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you back here soon


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