Sunday 26 April 2015

Playoff thoughts - West

Remember last year when the first round of the playoffs was being talked about as the best ever? Three of the four western conference series went seven games  and the one series that didn't was won by a spectacular shot by Damien Lillard to beat Houston in six!

This season perhaps hasn't been as drama filled but has definitely had some spectacular moments!

The Warriors completed a clean sweep of the Pelicans today, though the Pelicans are probably still kicking themselves for blowing game three after being up 20 after three quarters! But Steph Curry's corner three to get it to OT was...Can he even see the hoop? haha

The Grizzlies are primed to sweep the undermanned Trail Blazers, while the Houston Rockets also have a commanding 3-0 lead over the Mavericks...Harden has been spectacular and Dwight Howard is getting back into form after his injury troubles and Marc Gasol has been excellent for the Grizz.

That leaves the Clippers vs the Spurs! A lot of people were split on this one, the (relative) youth and athleticism of the Clippers versus the very experienced but ageing Spurs! The Spurs currently lead 2-1 after stealing game two in LA and dismantling the Clippers at home in game three...I think the Spurs will win this series in six, I think the Clips will win game five at home and the Spurs will close it out at home...Kawhi Leonard was crowned Defensive Player of the year before game three and went out and had the best scoring game of his career with 32 points and simply had his way at both ends...I think he will definitely get that max contract he is after come seasons end. He's looking like a young Scottie Pippen out there at the moment!!!

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