Wednesday 22 April 2015

Injury Update

Today was the one month post op appointment for my foot surgery and since I get asked a lot about how its going thought id let you know how its coming along.

The appointment went very well. The surgeon was very pleased with how it looked, the scar has healed well, everything is where it should far so good! I still have to wear a moon boot most of the time, though I was told that I'm able to start doing some very light movement exercises to start regaining some mobility...Little victories!

I was taken out of a cast two weeks ago and moved into a moon boot! My foot was cast in a position pointing down (almost in a ballerina position) to keep everything straight and to make it virtually impossible to put my foot on the ground so no weight went through it at all. My foot was pretty much stuck in that position for a few days after the cast was removed, but after a few days my foot/ankle loosened up and I can now walk around in a boot without much trouble...The two weeks in the cast seemed never ending! Going to the bathroom and to bed was pretty much the only reason I got off the couch. I do like playing the Xbox but you can only do that for so long before you start going crazy haha. 

Its very early in the rehab process but so far all signs are pointing towards a full recovery in the six month time frame the surgeon told me when it was first discovered surgery was required. Unfortunately this is not a 'quick fix' type of injury, its going to take a long time for all the swelling and inflammation to settle down and rebuild the strength and mobility in the joint! Its not like a sprained ankle where you can play if its 80-85%, I just have to continue being very careful with it and be patient. Im a few months away from being able to anything on court, but ill get there eventually :)

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