Monday 20 April 2015

NBA MVP wrap up

Well the regular season is over and we are well into the playoffs! I have gone over the candidates and some pros and cons of each...Now its decision making time!

When choosing a winner for an award like this it all depends on your definition of valuable! There are so many angles you can come from, so many pros and cons to consider...The voters have a tough choice to make this year!

Theres the "best player on the best team" argument, the "how good would the team be if he wasn't there" argument, the "If you put this guy on this team they would be better/worse" argument and the "this guy has a better supporting cast" and "This guy carried a weaker team" angles...on top of all the "making teammates better" & "performing in clutch moments" arguments people like to make.

Considering all of the above I believe the most deserving candidate is *drum roll please* James Harden AKA The Beard...Ive said a million times over the last week that the western conference is so much better/deeper than the east its almost unfair, the fact that James Harden carried them to the second seed is nothing short of phenomenal!! Im not saying Houston without Dwight Howard is bad, but does it scream "two seed in the west' at you? it doesn't to me. Plus what he does on court speaks for itself. He can score and get to the line pretty much at will, he has excellent play making ability and gets his teammates involved and he has a much improved attitude towards defence and is no longer the liability he has been in the past.

However, I don't think he will win the award, I think Curry will...I am in no way hating and he would be an extremely worthy MVP. But I don't think voters will be able to look past that fact that the Warriors had the best record in the NBA (67-15), won the west by over ten games and him being there best player.

An idea that was discussed in a recent episode of First Take on ESPN that I would love to see was a Players Choice award...Its pretty common knowledge that select sports writers/media members are the people who vote. The NBA season has ALOT of games and some players argue think that its simply not possible for voters to watch every single game of every candidate so a lot of votes are based on who seems to be the most popular, or as Kevin Durant calls it in the video 'sexy', pick. Where as the some players believe a players choice would be a more accurate representation of an MVP since they are on the floor with these guys and see first hand how much they mean to there teams and how valuable they really are...It would be interesting to see the difference (if any) between the sports writers choice and the players choice.


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