Sunday 3 May 2015

Spurs V Clippers - GAME 7

What a day! Its easy to get wrapped up in the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight, I'm not a huge boxing fan but its managed to draw me in and I cant wait for it! Butttt lets not forget an epic game seven between the Spurs and Clippers is also going down today...

It has been the best series in the playoffs so far! There have been four road wins, including the last three in a row. Its virtually impossible to confidently predict who will win this game! The Spurs have won two games at the staples centre in the series...But that hasn't seemed to have fazed the Clippers to much, every time it seems like the Spurs are in control and have them backed into a corner they respond in a big way, like winning game four on the road after getting smacked in game three by 27 points and winning game six on the road after losing game five at home.

Heres a look at the series so far

Game 1 - Clippers 107-92
Game 2 - Spurs 111-107
Game 3 - Spurs 100-73
Game 4 - Clippers 114-105
Game 5 - Spurs 111-107
Game 6 - Clippers 102-96
Game 7 - ?

As you can see there have been several close, down to the last minute games mixed in with a few comfortable double figure wins and one blow out! 

As I mentioned its a tough one to pick. But if I had to choose id give a slight edge to Spurs! I think their big game and championship experience will be to much for the Clippers...CP3 and Blake Griffin, despite being amazing players and having numerous individual accolades have never led the Clippers past the second round and if the Spurs can put a little bit of pressure on them and take that LA crowd out of the game I can see the Spurs getting a third win in Clipper land...But in saying that id love to proven wrong, imagine a second round between the Clips and Rockets!! Two high scoring, high paced highly athletic teams going at it...But the Spurs know how to win big games and I think that championship experience will just get them over the line, I guess we will know in about three hours :)

Go Pacman!


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