Wednesday 6 May 2015

Injury Update - Volume 2

Its been six weeks since surgery and this morning had my two weekly check up with the surgeon! It went very well. Just like last time I'm right on track, I've had no setbacks and am well on the road to recovering fully...Its nice going to see a surgeon or doctor and actually have them say something good haha

I still have to wear the stupid moon boot but I can walk around completely fine in it and if I continue the way I have been so far will be able to ditch it for normal shoes next time I see him. That may not seem like a huge deal but I've spent a long time in a cast/boot so I'm excited to finally get rid of it, plus little milestones like that are good for the psyche!! 

Now that its a little bit stronger and a bit more stable Mark, our team physio, is able to do a little bit more hands on work with the toe to really loosen it up a bit and gain as much mobility as possible. Its only been six weeks so can't go to crazy right away but im very happy that i can actually start doing some things directly on it...Plus I can start getting back in the gym and doing some stuff in there, ill be quite limited in what I can do in there but its definitely better than the couch potato act I've been pulling for the last few weeks! (on doctors orders lol)


Ive got a long way to go but id just like to thank everyone for the messages, tweets and other social media-ing (thats probably not a word) wishing me well, its been really appreciated :) I've said its all going to plan and I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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