Wednesday 20 May 2015

Injury Update - Volume 3

Another visit to the surgeon! More good news :)

Two months post surgery and everything is right on schedule! Its healing nicely, the scar is barely even noticeable and is virtually pain free! Though I am still a few months away from being able to run around and do unrestricted basketball activity, I'm stoked that I can finally ditch the moon boot and live my day to day life normally.

Our strength and conditioning coach, Steve Buckley, also got the news he has been wanting to hear for a few weeks...I can start getting on the cardio machines (some of them) and start getting my fitness back as well as a few of the restrictions in the weight room have been removed! Steve is pretty good at what he does. Im looking forward to being able to get into a regular workout schedule and get back into good condition.

One thing I have done a few times is aqua jogging! When you think of that older people in the pool is probably what you think of, but it is considerably harder than it looks! Since I'm still a while away from being able to run a good mix of the bike and the pool will go along way to getting me in good shape until I can get on court again.

Though its not basketball related, I am going on holiday to the US for three weeks next week so I'm pretty glad I don't have to cart a moon boot around...Cant wait to go for a stroll through Alcatraz :)

Ive been given a little freedom to walk around with no boot which I'm stoked about...So I'm gonna go ahead and lay on the couch to watch the Warriors v Houston game haha


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