Tuesday 7 July 2015

NBA Free agency!!

Free agency has been a bit of a frenzy over the last few days! Some players resigned, some high profile players have moved and over two billion dollars, billion with a B, worth of deals have been negotiated since free agency started! Some crazy money has been thrown around...Below are a few of my thoughts about some of the signings and other player movement, trades etc...id be here all day if I went over all of them haha

The Spurs have won free agency

What an off season the Spurs have had so far! Firstly they resigned Kawhi Leonard for 5 years! Leonard has become one of the best two players in the NBA over the past few years and this deal shows they see him being a franchise type player when the big three hang them up! They also won the LeMarcus Aldridge sweepstakes, several teams were after his services but the Spurs got him and locked him in for four years! David West also opted out of his last year in Indiana that would have paid him 12 million and signed with the Spurs for the veterans minimum, giving up over 10 million in hopes of getting a championship. Combine that with the big three returning for another go 'round and Pop at the helm, he might just get it.

DeAndre Jordan to Mavs

DeAndre Jordan to decided to move on from the team that drafted him and signed with the Mavericks for four years. He was looking for a larger offensive role and with Chris Paul and Blake Griffon he was at best going to be the third guy. Dallas still have a few more spots to fill but but Dirk Slowing down a bit there we be increased responsibility at the offensive end for Jordan...Even if his offensive game remains almost exclusively alley ops and put backs he will still be worth what they are paying him (80 mill), he is still the best rebounder in the league and arguably the best interior defender/rim protector and when you're the best at something you're going to get paid. Excellent pick up by the Mavs. The Mavs also picked up Wesley Matthews and signed him to a four year deal that will pay him 57 million! Maybe a bit of an overpay for someone coming off an achilles rupture but when healthy he is one of the best 3 point shooters in the game as well as being a good wing defender.

Rajon Rondo

Rondo signed a one year deal with Sacramento a few days ago and not really sure what to think! His troubles in Dallas last season in the playoffs have been well documented and has developed a bit of a reputation as a problem child. It will be interesting to see how it all works out with him, George Karl and DeMarcus Cousins...Personalities galore!! He hurt his stock a lot in Dallas last year! But at 29 he has a lot of good years left in him so if he can keep it together this season and get himself back into that upper echelon like he was in the Boston days he could be in for a handy pay day next off season...Not like the 10 mill he will get this season is bad though lol

Hibbert to the Lakers

This wasn't a free agent signing but is still a nice pick up for the Lakers! Hibbert had a $15 million player option with Indiana and there was no way he wasn't going to exercise that! He didn't play bad for Indiana this past season but his production didn't exactly scream '15 million' at you! After missing out on LeMarcus Aldridge, DeAndre Jordan, Robin Lopez and Greg Munroe they could do worse than Hibbert! His stock took a major hit after a shocking post season the season before last where he had multiple scoreless and rebound-less games. Not sure what happened but behind closed doors something definitely went down (insert Space Jam Monstars joke here)...He is still on of the best rim protectors in the league and hopefully a new environment will help him play the way he did when he made those 2 all star games. Hopefully Kobe won't destroy his soul haha.

Those were just a few of the more notable deals that have happened so far...Some others that have moved in to other teams include Greg Monroe to Milwaukee for 5 years, Monta Ellis to Indiana for 4 years, DeMarre Carroll to Toronto for 4 years, Tyson Chandler to Phoenix for 4 years and Robin Lopez to the Knicks for 4 years.

There are some good players still available and would help a lot teams...Josh Smith is probably the best of those who are unrestricted. Tristan Thompson and Enis Kanter are probably the best who are restricted ...LeBron James is an unrestricted free after opting out of his second year with Cleveland but from what I have heard and read it is almost a certainty he will re-sign with the Cavs. Though this could potentially throw a spanner in the works.

Its been an exciting free agency period so far and though most of the 'big' names have been locked up! There are still some excellent players to keep an eye on.

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