Thursday 9 July 2015

DeAndre Jordan saga

Well today was entertaining wasn't it...that is if your an NBA fan and avid twitter user (like me)

After verbally agreeing to join the Mavs for four years just a few days ago Jordan apparently had second thoughts about leaving LA...From what I can gather those 'second thoughts' have become reality and is set to sign (if he hasn't already) a five year max deal worth somewhere in the neighbourhood of $110 million!!

There are some people who think he should not have gone against his word (Mavs fans) and then there are others who say that he didn't put his signature on anything so he can do what he wants (Clippers fans) ...Ill let you decide what you think is right and what isn't.

But then a rather entertaining 'emoji' twitter battle involving Chandler Parsons, JJ Redick, Blake Griffon begun then Marreese Speights, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan (well the Jordan brand twitter account) Paul Pierce, Rudy Gobert and Andrew Bogut got in on it as well. Click here to see it all unfold, it is pretty damn funny, especially the Paul Pierce/Rudy Gobert part haha

Amongst all this twitter action Doc Rivers, Steve Ballmer, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin all showed up to Jordan's home in Houston and "locked" him in his own house and held him "hostage" basically to keep the Mavs away...Blake Griffin even posted this picture playfully indicating they had locked Jordan inside his house with the caption "Don't agree with the furniture layout but I'm not an interior designer" I had a good laugh

Amongst all that Chris Broussard said that Mavs owner Mark Cuban was flipping his lid driving around Houston doing anything possible to find out Jordan's Houston address to try and have his own meeting with him...To which Cuban's brother had a go at Broussard on twitter, not the first guy to do that!! Now all we need to complete this is for Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless to give us their two cents haha.

I feel kind of like the E! Channel posting something like this haha, but I found it pretty entertaining.


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  1. Thanks for that AP. I had seen quite a few tweets and your interesting summary helped me make sense of it all and connect the dots.




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